Into Hiding

Well, it’s finally come to pass. The day I have been dreading is at hand and the continued use of this site to expose the truth is in danger of coming to an untimely end. O, cruel fates!

Ah, anyway, let me back up and try to explain my concern.

Three days ago, I was startled to discover that the mailroom had a new visitor in the form of the primary investigator for the Apparent Progress Security Team. Of course, you might be thinking that this place is just crawling with security personnel. And you’d be right. And had it been the usual stormtrooper or “concierge guard” or former-black-ops-agent-turned-corporate-spy then I wouldn’t have batted an eye. It would, in fact, be strange for a day to pass in which we weren’t subject to random pat-downs, lengthy interrogations or scare tactics.

No, this was different because you never see investigators. You hear the effects of the investigators, but you never actually lay eyes on them. For the longest time, I believed that they might have consumed some of Lab Z’s invisibility serum (a possibility I haven’t fully ruled out), but there he was – a real, live, fleshy, corporeal, opaque human investigator – flashing his badge and causing a stink in my department.

Curious, I inched closer while sifting through a handful of envelopes so that I might get within earshot of the increasingly heated discussion between my supervisor and the investigator. It was at the mention of the word ‘blog’ that I felt the need to excuse myself.

From what I heard, they hadn’t quite narrowed it down to who I am, but the fact remains that they have learned that this blog exists and that’s the beginning of the end, I’m afraid. It will only be a matter of time before I’m located and hauled out into the street like a rabid dog, thrown in an unmarked black van and disappeared into the night.

With this unsettling thought in mind, and after locking eyes for an uncomfortably long moment with the investigator, I set the stack of envelopes down on the nearest table, exited the mailroom and continued undeterred up the elevator, through the lobby (where I tried to avoid the cameras and the probing eyes of the security bots), and out into the sunny mid-day air. From there, I broke into a jog and raced home, grabbing my go-bag that I had prepared for just such an occasion and am now riding the rails out of town, laptop in hand to say goodbye before I adopt a strict policy of radio silence.

I don’t know how long I will run, or if I will ever be able to emerge from whatever hiding hole I find, but I do know that this will be my final entry for the foreseeable future. Thank you for taking this information and spreading it to the world.

Fight the Progress.

(photo by Sean Hobson on Flickr. CC BY 2.0)

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